Registration Instructions

1) Fill out forms found in tabs below.

2) Use the Submit button to complete your payment and process through PayPal.

3) Once your paid registration is complete, your "Invitation to Zoom Meeting" email will be sent within 30 minutes of the class's start time.

Custom Zoom live webinar dates are available for groups of at least five professionals;

if none of these dates are convenient, please reach out!


Deadlines, Cancellations and Refunds

Your deadline to register and pay is 72 hours before published start of webinar (for example, the registration deadline for a webinar beginning at 1:00 p.m. Eastern on Monday, April 27 would be 1:00 p.m. Eastern on Friday, April 24).  

Payment is due upon registration. If you register but do not pay, your spot will be cancelled if payment is not made by registration deadline (72 hours before published start of webinar).

Reschedule Vs. Cancellation

Emergency Reschedule

If you experience a last-minute TRUE emergency (ONLY sudden illness or injury of self, dependent or spouse), but still want to take the class, notify me as soon as you're able (up to 72 hours after the start of the class you'd registered for), and you can choose a different future date. If I'm not notified by 72 hours after the start of your class, you forfeit your tuition.

Non-Emergency Reschedule

If you experience a non-emergency scheduling issue with your original registration date, but still want to take the class, you can choose a different future date for your paid webinar up to its registration deadline (72 hours before start of webinar).


If you decide after registration/payment that you don't want to take the class after all (outright cancellation rather than rescheduling), you have 72 hours after payment to cancel your spot in the webinar and ask for a refund. I can refund you through PayPal; however, PayPal takes their fee out as soon as you pay it to me, so that portion (approximately 3.5%) is not available to me and therefore nonrefundable. This is the only scenario in which a refund (partial) is possible.

Additional questions? Please reach out!--use this website to send me a secure email, or call or text me anytime at 865/406-4259. 

Webinar Registrations

After the Diagnosis:  Coping with the Early- to Mid-Stage Dementia Client in Your Practice (5 CEs, NCBTMB #1000464, $99)

Dementia is sharply on the rise.  And if your goals are career longevity and long term clients, these three facts WILL collide on your table in the form of a client newly diagnosed with dementia, making it crucial that you understand the disease process and how this client will change.  Learn what dementia is; how to safely work with clients through all stages of the disease, positively impact family dynamics, and protect yourself; and why professional touch could become the go-to behavioral symptom alleviator for the overwhelmed healthcare system.

This Webinar occurs on Mondays from 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm Eastern


    Aromatherapy 101:  It's Not Just the Smell!  (3 CEs, NCBTMB #1000464, $59)

    "Aromatherapy" has become quite the buzzword, but just what are essential oils, and why should you incorporate their use into your practice?  Join me for an informative look at the science behind plant-based medicine; how to make your own therapeutic, essential-oil-infused products; and why sometimes it's gotta smell bad for you to feel good!

    This Webinar occurs on Mondays from 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Eastern